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Tijuana - Baja California - Mexico

Advertise on the Mighty 690

The Radio station you LOVE to listen to could be getting your message out to our loyal listeners.

Here are some facts about our listeners you need to consider:

  • 54% of listeners are Male,  46 % are Female

  • 18-24 Demo splits evenly at 10%

  • 25-34 Demo - Male 12.4% - Female 9.8%

  • 35-44 Demo - Female / 20% - Male 18%

  • 45-54 Demo - Male / 8.2% - Female 4.4%

70% of our listener family resides in Southern California.


The Mighty 690 had 22,000 listener sessions the first 30 days we were on the air and the audience continues to grow.


We are available on the most downloaded radio app in the World - Tunein! At any given time 30% of our listeners are listening in an automobile or while in transit on a smartphone or tablet. The Mighty 690 is also available on Roku Home Theatre devices via Tunein.


These loyal listeners dine in resturants, buy automobiles, are homeowners, own businesses, travel, online shop and are a good credit risk.


Your opportunity to access this affluent audience is waiting. The rates are cost effective and with our TAP package you could be on the Mighty690.COM for an entire Month for LESS than what you would pay for a single :30 second commercial on most Southern California radio stations.


One more thing!


Our commercial content on the Mighty690.COM is LIMITED to 11 Minutes or less per Hour. Most stations run 15 to 20 minutes per hour. It increases the time our listeners spend with the station and increases the chance of your message getting HEARD!


Contact us TODAY and your brand could be front and center with our audience in 48 Hours or less!