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Welcome to the mighty 690.com

My name is Chris and I welcome you to The Mighty 690.COM.


I want to say "thanks" for visiting us and listening to the station. I know that you have a ton of choices when it comes to the music you hear. It means more to me than you will ever know.


I have been asked many times – “Why did you decide to do this ?” It was pretty simple. The Mighty 690 was a part of who I was. I grew up listening to it. When I decided radio was what I wanted to do with my life, I was an intern for 690 and 91-X. I worked with some of the most talented people on the dial, and I learned a lot.


I knew I wanted to build an 80’s station online. I don’t know about you, but I would be a little let down by stations that did an 80’s weekend and would play a “lost 80’s” song from Human League. Really? It was lost? I heard it on a ‘Swiffer’ commercial during “Big Bang Theory” last week.


Anyway – everything led me back to “Mighty 690”. So, I started looking and researching. I discovered that there were no copyrights or service marks on the name. Then….surely someone has a website on www.themighty690.com. Nope! With the entry of 16 digits on my Visa, I was the owner of “The Mighty 690”. YAY!!!!!


For this tribute I wanted everything to be as authentic as possible. My first search was for Yolanda Salas. You heard Yolanda at least once an hour doing the station ID in Spanish back in the 80’s. Sadly her trail ran cold a few years ago. I am happy to say that I found a great voice actress in Mexico City. Her name is Regine Clemenceau and she fills in for Yolanda. Anyone know what happened to her?


I wanted the original logo. From what I understand, the rights were sold to a radio memorabilia collector who has passed away. It was a dead end, so I went with a new design. It’s a tribute to San Diego, Los Angeles, the beach, ocean and sunshine.


The DJ’s. This was tricky and it still is. I have told many friends that I think the “Mighty 690” DJ’s were involved in some witness protection program. If you have been curious as to the whereabouts of some of the famous voices of our youth, this is what I discovered.


Steve Sande – Steve was working radio in Chicago until 1992. Sadly, he passed away of a heart attack that year. RIP Steve.


Michael Boss – Michael had one of the most distinct voices. We heard Michael more than others because he was also the station production director and did a lot of commercials. Michael was selling rare collectable books up until a few years ago. UPDATE: We located Michael alive and well in Colorado. When I heard his BOOMING voice on the phone I cheered! We hope to hear more from him soon!


Kris Anderson – For some reason, I worked the phones a lot when Kris was down in Mexico playing the hits. We had some good times and got each other in a little hot water during the “Jackson’s Reunion Tour”. Thankfully I was able to track him down. When I shared with him my plans for the tribute he was beside himself with excitement. Listen for Kris on The Mighty 690.


Jerry Hardin - Jerry was one of the first DJ's at the station was there from the beginning. He left the station after 6 Months because he was offered a Management position at a radio station in Albuquerque.


I hope you enjoy what I have in store for this little piece of retro cyberspace. We won’t be successful without your support. When you’re listening, tell your friends on social media. If you call to get tickets for a show on our concert page, tell the venue or club you heard about it through us. If you know of someone who needs a cost effective advertising solution, tell them about us. Our commercials are inexpensive and we have loyal listeners….like you!


If you have any questions, I am all ears. Email me and I will be back in touch.


Thank you – and welcome to TheMighty690.COM


Chris Torrick